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Puff planter, Smiley Face, Surprised Face, Annoyed Face, Sadly face

Puff planter, Smiley Face, Surprised Face, Annoyed Face, Sadly face

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Meow 3D is announcing this new product with four different cute expression. Happy, annoyed, sad and surprised. Which mood are you are in today?

It’s a cute gift for your friends and family or it can be your cutest office/home decor. It can be used as a planter/ catch all for pens, things laying around your desk, bathroom etc.

Sold in a package of all four puffs with 10% VIP price or buy them individually. - see listing for prices - contact us with any questions.

Created by founder @anqi_chen on instagram.

We offer 5 different sizes. If you need a specific size, please send us a customize order request we can print up to 21 inch large at the moment.

We have two kinds of Puff planter. One with drainage hole, one without drainage hole. We usually ship it without the drainage hole unless you leave us a note that saying you want one with drainage hole. Thank you!

Tiny : 2 inches * 2 inches * 1.7 inches ///////// 51mm * 51mm * 43mm( Size perfect for a air plant or tiny succulent)

Small : 3.8 inches * 3.8 inches * 3.5 inches ///////// 95mm * 95mm * 88mm (size showing in the pictures)

Medium: 4.1 inches * 4.1 inches * 3.8 inches ///////// 104mm * 104mm * 97mm

large: 4.4 inches * 4.4 inches * 4.1 inches ///////// 112mm * 112mm * 104mm

Mega: 5.5 inches * 5.5 inches * 5 inches ///////// 140mm * 140mm * 128mm


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This planter is so adorable and in my favorite color! Made of durable plastic. The planter also has a drainage hole to allow excess water from the plant to drain. Which allows the plant to stay healthy so it doesn’t get moldy.\nHe will look so cheery sitting on my desk!\nThank you,\nLisa Games