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Greek House House Planter, Greece Mythology, Greek gifts, Santorini, Miniature

Greek House House Planter, Greece Mythology, Greek gifts, Santorini, Miniature

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Transform your space into a Mediterranean oasis with our Greek House Planter. Inspired by the elegance of Greek architecture and the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean, this planter brings a touch of timeless beauty to your indoor home decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Greek House Planter is made from durable materials that withstand the test of time. Unlike traditional planters made by clay or ceramic, this one is shatter-proof and easy to clean! 

***Please notice that in the pictures, we use size L house planter. 

***Plants not included

S :   90 mm X 78 mm X 49mm        /////////   3.5 inches X 3 inches  X 1.9 inches

M :  107mm X  92mm X  58mm      /////////    4.2 inches X 3.6inches X 2.3inches

L :  138 mm X 120 mm X 74 mm    /////////    5.4 inches X 4.7 inches X 2.9 inches
We can print this up to 16 inches contact us for the details


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Every time I look at this it reminds me of Santorini and makes me smile! It's just cool as well as adorable. The measurements in the listing are accurate, but be aware that the little side balcony is included in the total width measurements. I ordered Large and it was smaller than I expected because I had assumed the length and width measurements (5.4" inches x 4.7") were for the main rectangular part, but that measurement is for the longest width, which includes the side balcony. The Large size actually has 5”x3” of plantable space in the center, which would be able to fit 2 small/medium succulents and a tiny air plant in the balcony since it is too shallow for most roots. I chose to go with artificial plants though just easier to take care of and able to fit in more. Happy with my purchase!


So beautiful! I got the medium size in both, used 2 succulents and 4 air plants and they look amazing!!!


Je suis vraiment contente!\nJ’en voudrais des milliers!


Packaged well. Unique and good product.


Awesome Product, Thank You So Much