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Cat Planter, Black cat, Gift for her, Cat Decor, Cat lover gift, Animal planter

Cat Planter, Black cat, Gift for her, Cat Decor, Cat lover gift, Animal planter

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Purrfect cat lovers gift! This cute cat planter is a great home for plants or succulents. The succulents and the air plants look kinda like the hair of the cats, so it adds more funs to your desk :)
We are proud to say that we invented this product and we were featured in Buzzfeed, shut up and take my money and Etsy. Our cat has also been used by numerous artists for creative collaboration. In the product pictures, we use this super adorable cat planter in its original purpose which is a planter, but you can use it as a pen holder, small organizer, etc... Custom work available. **Plant not included** each one is made to order and hand painted, we were the first to introduce this model and take pride in each order.

Please note that each cat takes 5-7 hours to create depending on size.

Plant. Meow.
Organize. Meow.

We offer different sizes. If you need a specific size, please send us a customize order request.


Tiny : 2 inches * 2 inches * 1.7 inches ///////// 51mm * 51mm * 43mm( Size perfect for a air plant or tiny succulent)

Small : 3.8 inches * 3.8 inches * 3.5 inches ///////// 95mm * 95mm * 88mm

Medium: 4.1 inches * 4.1 inches * 3.8 inches ///////// 104mm * 104mm * 97mm

large: 4.4 inches * 4.4 inches * 4.1 inches ///////// 112mm * 112mm * 104mm(size showing in the first picture)

Mega: 5.5 inches * 5.5 inches * 5 inches ///////// 140mm * 140mm * 128mm

We can also customize the color for. Message us your color choice:( skin and eyes both please.)


***Please NOTE***

*** We have two kinds of cat planter. One with drainage hole, one without drainage hole. We will ship the cat planter with the drainage hole standard unless you leave us a note that saying you want one without the drainage hole. Thank you!


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Bought two of these FABULOUS little cat planters (one white, one black) and I am so happy with how they look and how much they hold! I am a notorious killer of plants and I told myself if I could keep two tiny succulents alive, I would get more plants and upgrade the succulents to bigger planters. I love how they look, and these were the perfect size for my little plant babies. So happy with my purchase and will definitely be back for more once I buy new plants for my home.


Order came quick and well packaged. Came with some free stickers, very cute!


Every year I make an advent calendar for my 2 autistic sons. My youngest loves cats and plants so when I found a cat planter I was thrilled. I can't tell you how well made it is because the artist drew cat faces and "Meow" all over the box. I have never seen such joy as when my boy saw that box. He is in love. It has not left his hands. He is talking and playing with it. He even introduced Box Cat (for that is its name) to our pet cats. So now I have to wait till he falls asleep and carefully slip it away from him. I will then slit open the tape, pull out the planter, retape the box, and slip it back in bed with my little man where he will be dreaming about Box Cat. I am sure the planter is wonderful and he will love it in December. But for new I want you to know how much joy you have brought to my little boy. Thank you


The cutest little cat grass planter! Absolutely love it.


Got two pots, one for each of my cats. They came quickly, and they look adorable!